Crop Nutrition Guide for Blooming Roses

Achieve a breathtaking display of beautiful blooms with our specialized fertilizer program designed for repeat-blooming rose varieties. Tailored to the unique needs of these delightful roses, our program ensures consistent flowering cycles and robust growth throughout the season. Let’s explore the stages and key fertilization strategies for cultivating stunning repeat blooming roses:

Pre-Planting Stage: Lay the foundation for success by starting with a soil test. Analyze the nutrient levels and pH to prepare the perfect environment for young rose plants to thrive.

Transplanting Stage: Ensure a smooth transition from the nursery to the field or greenhouse by providing a balanced starter fertilizer. Use soil test results to determine the correct type and rate for the starter fertilizer. This jump-starts root development and encourages strong vegetative growth.

Vegetative Growth Stage: During this phase, roses focus on developing a strong root system and lush foliage. A nitrogen-rich fertilizer with essential micronutrients supports vigorous growth and prepares the plants for flower production. Use leaf testing to monitor the plant’s macro and micronutrient status and adjust the fertilizer program with foliar sprays where applicable.

Flowering Stage: As the roses prepare to bloom, switch to a fertilizer with higher phosphorus and potassium content. These nutrients are critical for promoting robust flower development and vibrant colors. Apply foliar sprays to correct any micronutrient deficiencies.

Post-Bloom Stage: After each blooming cycle, roses benefit from rejuvenation. Supplying a balanced fertilizer nutrient program helps the plants recover and set the stage for the next round of blossoms. Regularly monitor leaf health and overall plant performance. Conduct leaf testing and soil testing to gauge nutrient levels and make necessary adjustments to the fertilization program.

Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services understands the unique requirements of repeat-blooming rose varieties. Their expert soil scientists and agronomists are dedicated to providing tailored fertilizer programs that maximize your rose’s potential, delivering a bountiful array of blooms to enchant and delight.

If you need assistance with sending soil and leaf samples to the laboratory or scheduling a soil and/or sampling service, please don’t hesitate to contact