Our Amazing Staff!

As editor and publisher of Floriculture, I’m proud of the staff here at Florinews Limited, and with good reason: You won’t find a sharper, tighter, more dedicated crew anywhere! We’re lean (there’s just six of us) but we’re good—fast, efficient and responsive to your needs. We are also supported by field staff.

Masila Kanyingi - Editor

Masila Kanyingi leads our editorial team with a wealth of experience and a passion for journalistic excellence as the Editor at Florinews Ltd. With strategic vision and editorial prowess, Masila oversees the direction of our content, guiding our team to deliver insightful and impactful coverage that resonates with our readers.

Mary Mwende - Sub-Editor

Mary Mwende serves as our Sub-Editor. With a sharp eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Mary ensures the accuracy, coherence, and quality of our editorial output. Her dedication to refining content ensures that every article meets our high standards before publication.

Evelyn Ndiema - Graphics Designer

Evelyn Ndiema brings her creative flair and technical expertise as our skilled Graphics Designer. With a passion for visual storytelling, Evelyn crafts captivating designs that enhance our digital and print media presence, ensuring our content resonates visually with our audience.

Cornelius Mueke - Marketing

Cornelius Mueke plays an important role in our Sales & Marketing Department as a dynamic Sales & Marketing Assistant. With a customer-centric approach, Cornelius supports our initiatives to effectively reach and engage our audience. His efforts contribute significantly to our brand’s visibility and growth in the market.

Christine Muthoki - Administration

Christine Muthoki oversees the administrative operations, providing essential support to ensure smooth and efficient office functioning. With strong organizational skills and a proactive approach, she manages administrative tasks seamlessly, enabling our team to focus on delivering excellence in our core activities.

Blessings Mumo - Finance

Blessing Mumo is our Finance Officer, overseeing financial transactions, budget management, and reporting at Florinews Ltd. With a keen eye for financial details and adherence to regulatory standards, Blessing ensures financial planning that underpins our operational success.