About Floriculture

Mission: Unveiling the story of flowers, one stem at a time.
Founded in 2000, Floriculture Magazine is today one of the sector’s greatest partner. We are publishers of great well thought articles that help customers along the entire value chain achieve extraordinary success.

Investing in Win-Win Partnerships
Business is about contacts and this is one big opportunity for you to expand your clientele. From breeders to consumers, Floriculture Magazine is the entire flower chain Meeting point

As competition gets stiffer and floriculture industry turns into a small village, it’s more important than ever to stay on the cutting edge of trends both inside and outside of the industry. A combined comprehensive approach to the industry, Floriculture is the only magazine to have.

In sharing the industry’s best ideas, we bring 25 years of editorial experience to our readers. And because “live goods sell hard goods” our editorial will always take a look at the entire production and supply chain.

Vision: To create a Floricultural Information Centre.
Every issue of Floriculture is crammed with hands-on information aimed directly at improving their business in terms of efficiency, product quality and safety.

Combining expert knowledge and experience from different regions, Floriculture’s focus is to leverage our experience, creativity and resources to drive success along the entire supply chain. We have created a Floricultural Information centre. A platform where solutions for the floriculture chain can be found

Partnership Opportunities
We are confident that our media house will give you a strong new dual approach ensuring that you keep your existing clients while at the same time reaching many more new clients.

The primary approach of our company is based on the simple analogy that the success of our partners equates our success as well and this shall be our guiding principle in every transaction.

We are good in:

  • Offering the best Advertising platform
  • Ensuring effective brand marketing communications to farmers.
  • Incorporating online and of social media advertising strategies.
  • Marketing intelligent reports.
  • Managing campaigns or working with your campaign teams.
  • Providing strategic direction for media and advertisements investment.

We appreciate every chance to be of service to you and I am hoping to meet you so that we can discuss further.